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Do you teach indoor cycling?  If you’ve got a playlist or profile you really like, and want to share it, you can post it here in a comment.


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  1. Kristen Reply

    I was wondering if I could get some advice on the flow of my upcoming class – this will be my first official class teaching. I am subbing for an instructor next week and am very nervous!

    Seated/Standing Flat
    Seated Sprint
    Seated/Standing Flat
    Flat (last song)

  2. Mark Reply

    Xpin Mix [Marchin On]

    Three long hill climbs at 10 (easy), 12 (moderate), & 17 (moderate) minutes.
    {Hill Climb Scale of Reference: Easy, Moderate, Hard, Very Hard}
    Increases aerobic and anaerobic endurance. Builds power and strength. Let’s go! Pace yourself!!

    01. Marchin On ft OneRepublik (Timbo Version) – Timbaland {Seated Flat & Warm-up}
    02. Waves (Robin Schulz Radio Edit) – Mr. Probz {Warm-up, Standing Flat/Seated Flat}
    03. The Nights – Avicii {Seated Climb/Standing Climb}
    04. Living for Love (DJ Paulo Club Mix) – Madonna {Seated Climb/Standing Climb}
    05. Blame ft John Newman – Calvin Harris {Seated Flat}
    06. Home and Dry (Blank & Jones Mix) – Pet Shop Boys {Seated Climb}
    07. Geronimo – Sheppard {Seated Climb}
    08. Prayer in C (Robin Schulz Radio Edit) – Robin Schulz & Lilly Wood & The Prick {Seated Climb/Jumps on a Hill}
    09. Pray to God ft HAIM (Hacienda Remix) – Calvin Harris vs Mike Pickering {Seated Flat}
    10. The Days – Avicii {Seated Climb}
    11. Do It Again – Royskopp & Robyn {Seated Climb/Jumps on a Hill}
    12. Pompeii (Pump It Up Edit)(Kat Krazy Remix) – Bastille {Seated Climb}
    13. Glad You Came – The Wanted {Standing Climb}
    14. Rather Be ft Jess Glynne – Clean Bandit {Seated Flat}
    15. Back It Up – Caro Emerald {Seated Flat & Cool down}


  3. Angeleenie Reply

    This song is soooo energizing…. starts off slow and really builds, some nice warm up at the beginning and a real blast later on…… give it a try. Find this here:

    1. Member Cynthia Reply

      You’re right, Angeleenie! Great for a seated flat. Thanks.

  4. jlzf99 Reply

    Hi all, thanks for putting up all these great suggestions! I’ve been teaching for about two years now in San Francisco, and am always trying to keep it fresh and exciting for the class (and for me). I have a few that I would love to share as well, with the most recent one being a “themed” class around each song having a MESSAGE (it was a bit cheesy, but hey, it kept me and the class entertained). I teach a 50 minute class, so you can always just add to it:

    1. Brave, Sara Bareilles (3:40): Warm-up, nice and easy, 90-100 RPM, flat ride to get the legs moving. About half-way, class starts to increase resistance a little turn at a time, keeping the RPM steady. I tell them they are BRAVE for showing up for today’s class.

    2. I Like to Move It, Frog Song (3:00): Starting to get the heart rate up, we increase resistance just a bit, and I tell them to MOVE IT, in and out of the saddle, I do a 10/10 or 8/8 count or even a 20/10 Tabata type interval to get the heart rate elevated. Resistance is still fairly easy / flat ride.

    3. Work Work, Britney Spears (4:08): Now we get ready to really WORK. The next three songs are a set, where I don’t give them much rest. We set resistance on a medium hill (effort level 6/7), i encourage them to sustain 70-80 RPM for the next 3.5-4min. Key is keeping the RPMs steady, for this 4 min interval. I keep this one in the saddle.

    4. Burn, Ellie Golding (3:51): 20 second recovery but still on the medium hill resistance (active recovery), just moving the legs a bit more slowly. Then they have a 3.5 min medium hill with jumps on a hill. This is where our quads are just starting to BURN. I encourage them to feel that burn and breath and ride through it, because it is only going to get harder and better. On the jumps, I focus on having them accelerate out of the saddle and go at least 5-10 RPM faster for the 15-20 seconds of the chorus. (3 Jumps);

    5. Sweat, Snoop Dog vs David Guetta Remix (3:16): This is our final song in the three set, or about 11 minutes of medium/hard hill. No break other than active recovery, so about 15-20 seconds before they start to crank it up to a hard hill. This is where they should be showing and feeling a good SWEAT. We keep it simple – at least a 2.5 minute set where they are on a hill somewhere between 8-10 effort level; start in the saddle, where they go about 60-65 RPM, 1 min in saddle, then rest out of saddle; before they get out, they reach down and add some resistance for good measure.

    6. Because I’m Awesome, Dollyrots (3:20): this is partly a recovery ride – I give them a full minute to go back to a flat and just let their legs go fast and easy – 90-100 on a flat; They are AWESOME for making it through the 11 minute hill. After that, we add some resistance, to what I call a false flat, it looks flat, but it ain’t flat, so you feel a bit of resistance, and then we do a 2 minute fast ride; easy on the legs, but gets that heart rate back up to where we want it.

    7. Rock That Body, Black-Eyed Peas (4:29): Now they are ready for round number two of a long medium/hard hill. Same idea as the first set, medium hill, 70-80 RPM, 4 minutes, hold it steady. It is all about the consistency of RPM on an effort level around 6 for hill; I ask them to ROCK THAT BODY.

    8. Right Round, Flo Rida (3:23): Jumps on a hill. Same as above, stay on that medium hill, and on chorus, accelerate out of the saddle to position 3 and push those RPMs. The first jump is 1:08 – 1:24. That is why they are here, right? To SPIN IT RIGHT ROUND.

    9. Scream & Shout, Will.i.iam feat Britney (4:12): At this point, they are ready to SCREAM & SHOUT (at me), because their quads are feeling this hill. Their heart is beating fast. This is what they came for today….I encourage them to channel the power in the legs for four more minutes and they get a break. Have them crank it up to the 8-10 effort level. 2 minutes in the saddle and 2 minutes out of the saddle. I guide them to the 60ish RPM and nothing less, because the idea here is to keep the hard hill for the 4minutes and make it through all four minutes.

    10. Sexy People, Arianna feat Pitbull (3:29): This is another recovery song like #6 above. A full 90 seconds of nice easy flat moving their legs 90-100 RPM but should feel very easy like their warm-up. Good time to grab water. The last 2 minutes we move into slightly higher resistance and keeping those legs moving fast. Easy on the legs, but gets the heart rate up. Well, the fact that they made it through another 12 minutes of a hills, makes them SEXY PEOPLE in my eyes.

    11. Play Hard, David Guetta/Neyo (4:58): Alright, break over for the finale. About 8ish minutes of a hill. This one we start at the flat, and increase resistance every 30 seconds. Effort level 2/3; should be at about 6/7 by end of this song. Usually, I go: 30 seconds in saddle, increase resistance, 30 seconds in the saddle, then up 30 seconds out of saddle, reach down increase resistance and other 30 seconds out of saddle, then back down, and so on. Make it your story, but I love to WORK HARD AND PLAY HARD and that is what we are doing in class today!

    12. 4 Minutes, Madonna feat. Justin. I am out of time and I only have 4 MINUTES of torture/hard work left! I actually only do 3 minutes of this, because we don’t take a break from the previous hill and just do a 1.5 in saddle at level 8/9 and 1.5 min out of saddle at level 8/9. Then we reduce the resistance by at least half a turn, get back in the saddle, and ask them to keep moving those legs at least at 75-85 RPM and take one full minute to let our heart rate settle.

    13. Relax, Take It Easy, MIKA (3:45): Cool Down / Stretch. They get to RELAX and TAKE IT EASY.

    Always welcome feedback if you have other ideas to make this even better. I’ve used it twice with two different classes and got the thumbs up.

  5. ukandy83 Reply

    Hii my name is Andy and i have been teaching spin classes for the past 10 years and how the choice of music has changed!!! I’ve been reading these blogs for a good few month and using some of the recommended tracks from all your playlists, i thought i would come on and give you a little something i tried earlier on in the year and took my class back to the Movies, each track was from a film either the main song or a track featured on the soundtrack, the members had to try and guess the film before the end of the track otherwise they had a 30 second sprint or 30 second hard hill as a forfeit, was a good laugh.

    for my classes i use an intensity level from 1 hardly any resistance to Level 10 Hard intensity (the member needs to be able to keep their legs moving to a slow beat if any beat at all)

    Warm Up – Danger Zone (Top Gun) (3:46) nice steady paced track getting the members warmed up and the heart rate up to a good level, mixture of intensity’s up to a max of 4.

    Track 2 – Push It To The Limit (Scarface) (3:04) keeping the heart rate increasing this track offers the chance for the intensity to increase to a max of 5 and keeping the speed at 80% of a sprint. working those legs!!!! then for the 2nd half of the track moving up to a standing climb.

    Track 3 – Flower – Bring Sally Up (Gone In 60 Seconds) (3:28) continuing with the standing climb, this track slows its beat down so the intensity can increase to around 7,8,9 depending on how hard you wanna work those legs, after every 30 seconds i get the members to sit down and push through for 10-15 seconds until the beat comes back in then its back up and pushing through.

    Track 4 – Woo Hoo (Kill Bill) (1:59) Back in the saddle we go for this monster 2 minute sprint intervals track, or you can make the members work hard for the full 2 minutes or use the drum solo’s as the sprints and recovery, fast paced so the intensity drops to around 2-3.

    Track 5 – Loose Yourself (8 Mile) (5:18) Time for some jumps in this track in the chorus we are aiming to double up on the speed so we are running at a comfortable level 4,5,6. During the verse we slow it down to incorporate the jumps on the beat of 8 (8 up : 8 down etc). as the track goes on it maintains a high speed, some members may need to drop those levels but your aiming to stay with the beat!!! DON’T LOOSE YOURSELF!!!

    Track 6 – Misirlou – (Pulp Fiction) (2:07) Excuse the expletives at the start of the track however once its over its heads down and we are straight into the sprints, intensity low so get your legs pumping with this great beat!!!! use it as intervals with the drums being your guide.

    Track 7 – White Wedding (True Romance) (4:09) Seating climb with this 80’s beat, great to start off at a low intensity and build it up, you can even do multiple hills throughout the track or just keeping it increasing as you go. also a good track to get those lungs filled back up and your members refreshed to go again in track 8 :-)

    Track 8 – Maniac (Flashdance) (4:01) Rest over its back on it with this track, taking the intensity up to 4 or 5 get those legs pushing through with that beat starting off sat down then as the track goes on bringing it up to hover and then a standing climb. (If you have seen American pie 3 Just Think of the Stiffler Dance Off, it will get you smiling haha) Lets go Mental!!!! keep pushing try the last 1 minute of the track at a higher intensity level like 7,8 and see if you can keep up with that beat. Don’t Cheat yourself out of a great leg burner!!!

    Track 9 – Training Montage (Rocky 4) (3:41) Time to go to the highest intensity throughout this track max it up to level 10. keep those legs going with this slow drum beat and maintain the rhythm its the important bit. even when the track goes all funny with lots more instruments keep with the original beat and power through, Remember Rocky Never QUIT!!!!

    Track 10 – Live & Let Die (007 Live & Let Die) (3:21) we are over the hill time to get those legs going again in this low intensity sprint interval track, the timings on this go as follows:
    45 Secs Breather / 30 Secs Sprint / 15 Secs Breather / 15 Secs Sprint / 45 Secs Breather / 45 Secs Sprint Finish!!!!

    Track 11 – Holding On For A Hero (Short Circuit 2) (5:53) Time to get out of that saddle again, another running track and standing climb interval sections, at the start as the track gets going get your members up out of the saddle picking up that intensity up to 5,6,7 staying with the beat, get them to sing the chorus if they have any energy left :-) each time you get back to a verse increase the level, i tend to start at 5 then build up to 7 then start over i can normally get 2 rounds out of that throughout the song, the instrumental at 4:30 you have another minute left, try and keep it going throughout however your legs might be about to give up so you could use it as a slowing down section!!!

    Track 12 – Operation Blade (Blade) (3:04) I wanna Hear Everybody In The Place Say HOOOOOOO!!!! One last standing climb push. start your intensity at level 4 and increase every 20 seconds to level 8 then take it back down to 5 and start again, up to 8 then back to 6 and finish back on 8, (20 Seconds each level throughout)

    Track 13 – Lost In Space (Lost In Space) (3:26) Who says 13 is unlucky, for your members its the luckiest track as its the last one!!! however its no plain sailing they still need to work hard and fast!!! Sprint intervals at level 3
    From the off we are heads down sprinting for 45 secs / 30 secs Breather / 45 Secs Sprint / 30 Secs Breather / 45 Secs Sprint / 30 Secs Breather – start to wind those legs down, having a drink and wiping down those faces.

    Track 14 – Forest Gump Suit (Forest Gump) (8:52) Just because its one of my favorite films of all time and this piece of music is beautiful, a good cool down and stretch can be done to this, plus after all the madness that’s gone before it im sure your members will be grateful of some soothing music.

    Total Class Time = 57 Minutes, that is if you use the full cool down track.

    I hope this gives you some thing different to take to your classes, remember if the members don’t guess the films correctly you can do a forfeit in between tracks. depends on how hard you wanna work them haha!!!!

    Thanks and Enjoy,
    Feedback is greatly received.


      cannot find the music of track 3 on I Tunes…can you help ?

  6. David Fulton Reply

    I just checked out the site. Thank you.

  7. Mark Reply

    This is my current, and probably most favourite playlist:

    Bounce With Me – Keesha Turner (3:08)
    Warm up

    Let’s Go – Calvin Harris Ft Ne-Yo (3:53)
    Warm up two, into hill climbs

    The Logical Song (radio edit) – Scooter (3:54)
    Sprint intervals. 20 seconds on, 10 off

    EDM Death Machine – Knife Party (4:23)
    Mixed terrain. Start with seated medium resistance sprints, then into the hills, before coming back down the other side with sprints

    Dreh Doch Mal (Club Mix) – Handsup Playerz (5:54)
    This is all about the hill climbs, both seated and standing and incorporating some jumps.

    Let It Roll – Flo Rida (3:14)
    3 sets of sprint intervals, consisting of 10 seconds on, 5 seconds off.

    Operation Blade (Bass in the place) 7” radio remix – Public Domain (3:29)
    Long seated sprints, then into heavy standing hill climbs during the chorus.

    I Could Be The One (John Christian remix) – Avicii/Nicky Romero (5:29)
    Wattage challenge! Seated hill climb sprints to start, then into standing hill climb sprints during the chorus. Start at base standing load, then every 5 seconds add a gear on (max 3 gears). Sprints on the way back down

    Faster Than Light – Far Too Loud (5:03)
    Seated hill climb sprints, then the last minute and a half, I hit them with seated/standing sprint intervals until the end. By this I mean, 10 seconds sprinting, then 10 seconds standing alternating until the end. You might want to split the class for this though as it can be a bit of a beast!

    Bounce – Destroid (4:21)
    Heavy, heavy hill climbs. Two of them. So heavy you can barely keep the legs turning. I have the first one seated then second standing, this really focuses on strength and proper technique. You’ll get some curses though…

    Royals – Lorde (3:10)
    Cool down

    This is pretty much bang on 45 minutes.

  8. stephaniebattiston Reply

    I’ve been teaching for about a year now. I used this playlist in one of my classes and received some good feedback! Just thought I would share :) I call it the Fleetwood Mac Sandwich as we start with a Fleetwood Mac remix and end with one. I got some of the songs from this website. I use it all the time and it really helps. Thought I’d give back for once :). Hope you enjoy… I would love suggestions or feedback.

    Fleetwood Mac – Little Lies (JPL Remix) – WARMUP
    Afrojack ft. Eva Simons – Take Over Control – WARMUP INTO 2 30 SECOND SPRINTS
    David Guetta ft. Neyo – Play Hard – STANDING JOG OVER 70RPMs WITH STANDING HOVERS
    Showtek ft. We Are Loud & Sonny Wilson – Booya – TWO LONG ROLLING HILLS (Seated climbs then as the music picks up head “downhill” lighter resistance higher RPMs 80-90
    Britney Spears – Work Work – TABATA DRILL 6x(20 seconds on with 10 seconds of recovery)
    Duke Dumont ft A-M-E- Need U 100% – ONE LEG AT A TIME FOR 1 MINUTE EACH SIDE – 80RPMs or HIGHER
    Jet – Are You Gunna Be My Girl – 30 SECOND SPRINTS, 15 SECOND RECOVERY (Got this idea from a post on this site!)
    Princess Superstar – Perfect (Afrojack Remix) – GOOD FOR EITHER TABATA OR 2 MINUTE FAST FLAT ENDURANCE
    Noose – Walk on By – LONG PYRAMID CLIMB
    Gravity – Markus Shulz SPEED PYRAMID 2x – Playing with the speeds intervals at 80 RPMS, 90 RPMS, then into a sprint, then back down
    Avicci ft. Karen Marie Orsted – Dear Boy – ROLLING HILLS OR I DID TOUGH HILL CLIMB TO STANDING JOG 2x
    Destiny’s Child – Independent Woman – Fun throwback if there is time at the end for a last little climb or wherever in the class (We usually have all girls in class)
    Tracy Chapman – Give me one reason (The Tailors Djs Remix) – awesome cool down
    Fleetwood Mac – Dreams (Gigamesh Edit) – Stretch/Cooldown

  9. Leila Reply

    I gave a song request to my favorite instructor, and I loved the way she used it. Now that I’m teaching, I’ve definitely used it as well (thanks, Kristin!). Marina and the Diamonds – This is how to be a Heartbreaker. Standing climb to the beat @ 70 rpm with a seated sprint (no resistance change) at the chorus. After each chorus, increase by one gear (chorus plays three times total)

  10. Erin Reply

    Looking for some song ideas for a charity ride that I will be doing. Would love to hear what folks have played during their spin-a-thons? This fundraiser if for breast cancer survivors. Thanks for the support.

    1. David Fulton Reply

      If you are spinning for an extended period of time, I think that Green Grass and High Tides, by the Outlaws is a great long song to be on a bike.
      Also, #41, by The Dave Matthews Band from Listener Supported is a great live song that is almost 10 minutes long.

      1. Erin Reply

        Dave, Thanks for the quick response. Your suggestions are ones that I haven’t yet used. I am responsible for teaching an hour of Hill Climbing for the event and am hour #3 of 4. Look forward to experimenting. Thanks.

      2. Cynthia Reply

        Thanks David. It’s got a great classic rock vibe.

    2. Judy Hershkowitz Reply

      We do spin-a-thins at the Y where I teach in FL–we have teams of 3 ppl who alternate cycling for 1 hour blocks-different instructors teach each session and we all use really ‘up’ tunes to keep people’s spirits and energy high! More about the tempo and lyric than length of the song. Give “Invincible” by Borgeous a try!

      1. Erin Reply

        Judy-Florida weather sounds nice . I am in NH and we are ready for Spring! Thanks for your suggestions.

      2. Cynthia Reply

        Great one Judy! I love an inspirational song.

    3. Cynthia Reply

      Erin, I just did a playlist for an all-day charity ride. I was only teaching 1 hour our of 8 so I wanted to use songs that wouldn’t be overplayed but had good energy and a mix of familiar/Top 40/unfamiliar songs. This is what I came up with:
      Snake Food – Safri Duo
      Counting Stars – OneRepublic
      Wake Me Up – Avicii
      Mermaid of Salinas – Basement Jaxx
      Radioactive – Within Temptation
      How I Feel – Flo Rida
      Ring the Alarm (Freemason’s Club Mix) – Beyonce
      Come with Me Now – KONGOS
      300 Violin Orchestra – Jorge Quintero
      50 Ways to Say Goodbye – Train
      Take My Hand – Simple Plan
      Happy – Pharrell Williams

      1. Erin Reply

        Thanks Cynthia-Great playlist, I appreciate you sharing! I ended up using your 70’s playlist with a some added twists :) It was great fun and they loved when I brought out hats for YMCA.

  11. kharise Reply

    Stumbled upon this blog and love that it. There are some great suggestions here just in the comments! I actually blogged about my favorite songs to spin to of 2013. Included are:
    Alive – Empire of the Sun (Zedd remix)
    Out of my League – Fitz and the Tantrums
    Clarity – Zedd (ft Foxes)

    …And more :) Thanks for all these suggestions, everyone!

    1. Cynthia Reply

      Thanks Kharise! I like these ones too.

  12. Pao Reply

    I’ve just discovered the most amazing song for spinning “Wake Me Up” by Avicii
    I’d love to see it on one of your playlists!

    1. Cynthia Reply

      I agree Pao! I am using it too, just haven’t posted the playlist yet. If you like Wake Me Up, check out the mashup Wake Me Up Down Under, which combines Avicii and Men at Work – I think it’s really catchy.

      1. Pao Reply

        Great! I’ll check it out, thanks for replying. Can’t wait for the new playlist :)

      2. Taryn Jones Reply

        I do 4 30 /40 second sprints to this. 1st in 45 seated, next standing, down for one; and finish running! I use it toward the end. Great song!

      3. Kristin Reply

        I am wondering where you find the wake me up down under mash up? I looked on itunes and no luck…
        Thanks- Kristin

      4. BAR Reply


        I have looked for the mash-up and couldn’t locate it on e-music or itunes. Is it by Simjii? Thanks!

  13. hew Reply

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  15. softappworld Reply

    I noticed that in many Playlist you describe in detail what activities could be used for each music item. This is what most Instructors do when they plan the session. I’m spinning myself and my wife is a Spinning instructor.
    She is now using this APP for her iPad and iPhone for spinning, which lets her play all songs automatically, see important stuff like elapsed and remaining time, BPM AND Notes with BIG clear fonts for each music item. See here :

  16. spoonfulofsara Reply

    This is a simple climb, jump, hill, sprint loop that repeats 3 times, the catch is that each song gets progressively steeper until you reach the top of the hill song, then the weight comes off (not all the weight!) and we’re on a fast flat road.

    The “loops” are each a different color…

    -Mama Said Knock You Out- LL Cool J (4:52) warm up song
    -Back in the Saddle- Aerosmith (4:40) First climb, still warming up & then simple stretching
    -In the Ayer- Flo Rida (3:40) Jumps: 1min of 8 counts, 1min of 4 counts, 30sec of 2 counts, 30sec rest, back to 30sec of 2 counts
    -The Way you Move- Outkast (3:54) Stretch and then head up the first hill of the class pushing on a few gears before standing…add 2 throughout song
    -How Far We’ve Come- Matchbox 20 (3:30) Seated fast flat (2-3 gears heavier than “flat” for experienced) keeping RPM above 100 for a full 3min
    -American Boy- Estelle feat Kanye West (3:57) Climb, out of the saddle with some surges (80% of speed) on the chorus, add a gear after each surge…keep the weight!
    -Don’t Cha- Pussycats Dolls (4:33) 4position, 4count jumps (positions: climb, squat, run, sit…4 counts each)
    -Flower- Moby (3:23) Hill time…this time seated, drop those heels and start pushing, add 1 on as each minute ticks by
    -Pump It- Black Eyed Peas (3:33) Sprints! Back to our flat…30seconds on, 30 seconds off
    -Nothin’ But a Good Time- Poison (3:44) Climb, come on up outta the saddle and we’re back to those surges! Adding one after each set.
    -We Run the Night- Havana Brown feat Pitbull (3:48) Hold that weight (or add a few) 4count Squat Jumps
    -Beggin’- Madon (I LOVE THIS SONG!) (3:38) 30sec in the saddle 30 second standing ahead of the beat
    -Smells Like Teen Spirit- Nirvana (5:01) Our Hill continues…flip the work 30 sec seated ahead of the beat, 30 second standing at the beat
    -Beware- Panjabi MC feat Jay-Z (3:59) Keep that heart rate soaring! Fast flat all the way out
    -Right Here- Justin Bieber feat Drake (3:24) Cool down, stretch

    find more on my wordpress :-)

    1. Judy Reply

      Please explain what you mean by 4 position jumps—squats…?

      1. spoonfulofsara Reply

        Sure! 4 positions 4 counts each at a climb, then squat, then a run (shoulders directly over hips) and then seated again…

  17. software Reply

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  18. Whitney Reply

    Inspired by the quick pace Cynthia seems to keep in her classes, I put this together. The rolling hills paired with the accelerations keeps that heart rate up the whole class. I tend to not like recover, but give the option if it’s necessary ;)

    1. Whitney Houston – I want to dance with somebody – Warm up
    2. Madonna – Sorry Sprints – :45-1:15 1:45-2:30 3:15-end
    3. One that got away – Natasha Bedingfield Resistance 5/10 Quick in the saddle. Out in 3rd to accelerate 3 times. Adding gear each time.
    1:06-1:30 2:15-3:00 3:22-end
    4. U2 – Maginficent – Rolling Hills in the Saddle. Adding a total of 5 gears every :30 seconds. For the challenge, hold the 5th gear for a full minute picking up the pace. Then take those 5 gears off every :30 seconds
    5. The Naked and Famous – Punching in a Dream -Rolling Hills – Standing – same drill we did with our seated rolling hills
    6. Sonique – Feels so Good Out in 3rd – Accelerations on the chorus
    7. Dido – Everything to Lose (Armin Van Buuren Remix) Recover 1 minute if needed Out in 3rd with more accelerations 1:00-1:33 2:43-4:21
    8. Arcade Fire – Rebeillion (Lies) Rolling Hills – Seated – same as our first round
    9. Moby – Extreme Ways – Rollings Hills – Standing – same as first round
    10. Passion Pit – Take a Walk – Right Left Drills
    11. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Can’t Hold Us – Climb in 3rd – Jumps on Chorus
    12. The Black Eyed Peas – Pump It – Sprint :00-:30 1:00-1:24 2:00 – end

  19. David Fulton Reply

    Here is a 45-minute spin CD that I put together recently. It has a Southern Rock theme with a few songs that are a little outside of the group. I am not a huge fan of southern rock, but I enjoy being on a bike during a long guitar solo by the Allman Brothers or Lynyrd Skynyrd.

    1) PRE – I Only Wanna Be With You – 3:53 – Shelby Lynne covering Dusty Springfield – This song is for while people are getting on their bikes.
    2) Restless – Blackberry Smoke – 3:30
    3) In My Blood – Blackstone Cherry – 3:49
    4) Look At Little Sister – Stevie Ray Vaughan – 3:08
    5) Call Me The Breeze – Lynyrd Skynyrd – 5:08
    6) Green Grass and High Tides – The Outlaws – 9:47
    7) Blue Sky – The Allman Brothers – 5:08
    8) Hold On Loosely – .38 Special – 4:49
    9) Mama, He Treats Your Daughter Mean – Susan Tedeschi – 4:43 – doesn’t really fit the theme of the CD perfectly, but this is a great cover of an old Ruthie Brown song.
    10) The Remedy – The Black Crowes – 5:16 – A kick-butt song to finish the ride.
    11) COOL – Simple Man – Seether – 5:06 – A great acoustic cover of the old Lynyrd Skynyrd song.

  20. sa Reply

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  21. music2energize Reply

    I finally had some spare time to type up the playlist that I created for my class tomorrow morning and share it here. Enjoy!

    1. (3:56) Thrift Shop – Macklemore and Ryan Lewis
    2. (4:19) Can’t Hold Us – Macklemore and Ryan Lewis
    3. (3:52) Run – Flo Rida
    4. (6:08) Don’t Stop the Party – Black Eyed Peas
    5. (3:25) Give It To Me – Jason Derulo
    6. (3:26) Back In Time – Pitbull
    7. (3:37) Turn All The Lights On – T-Pain
    8. (3:40) Iron – Calvin Harris
    9. (4:03) Got Me Under Pressure – ZZ Top

    Everything else from here down is a mashup song. Most can be found at

    10. (6:06) Betty Got Jacked – Loo & Placido
    11. (5:06) Rock of Ages – DJ Schmolli
    12. (3:03) Temperaturized – Divide and Kreate
    13. (5:19) Celeshake – A Plus D
    14. (3:44) Good Time Gangnam Style – Dan Mei
    15. (4:05) Shout My Name – The Kleptones
    16. (4:15) Stayin Hot – Lobsterdust
    17. (3:59) Duffy Train Running – DJ Y Alias JY

    1. Chantal Reply

      Hey music2energize! I love the mash ups! Can you share what routines you used for the different songs? I’m working on trying to put something different together…Mash Up Monday perhaps (don’t worry-not an every Monday thing!) :)

      1. music2energize Reply

        I just put the music together and then the instructor puts together a routine to it on the fly…sorry I can’t help more

  22. Nils Håkon Nordberg Reply

    Hello, I’ve gotten a ton of ideas for songs from this site in the three years I’ve been a spinning instructor, and just wanted to share some songs that I’ve found on my own that have worked exquisitly well over the past year or so, (with BPM). Enjoy!
    DJ Broiler – Afterski (66) – the party song numero uno this winter season here in Norway
    Dschinghis Khan (70) – German eurovision song from 1979! – Ho! Ha!
    Scissor sisters – Let’s have a kiki (124) – Fine as a warm up song
    Duelling banjos, from the film Deliverance – faster and faster!
    Teddybears Stockholm – Hey boy – (100)
    Rammstein – Asche zu Asche (90 – standing sprints in the refrains)
    Baila el Chiki Chiki (97) – spanish eurovision entry some years back – fun!
    Levva livet – Åge Aleksandersen (80) – Norwegian rock from the eighties
    Just Came Back – Colin James (59) – what a punch in the gut when the guitars start up!
    Forgive Me – Group 1 Crew (83)
    Blueboy – Remember me (101 BPM)
    Nigger – Clawfinger (95) – perhaps the best rock song ever from Scandinavia swedish-norwegian band – its very PC, despite the name

    On another note, I now only use Vjay for Ipad in my spinning classes, Its a dj app where you can play music videos instead of just songs. Try it if you have a projector and a screen in your gym!

    1. Ziad Reply

      Regarding the Clawfinger song…how can this be classified as PC? I grew up listening to Clawfinger, but the “N” word is dropped about 100 times in that song. Surely someone(s) would take offense to this in class…wouldn’t touch this song with a 10 ft pole.

  23. gr8tfulm Reply

    Hi Judy, congrats on becoming an instructor! If you are on Facebook please join my group ” former cycling pingers”
    We are all instructors and encourage each other share profiles ask for feedback etc. Cynthia is a member also.
    After Kesha I would use a fast flat or interval sprints. Your 2nd song I haven’t heard before! Kelly Clarkson would make a good climb and out of the saddle surges on the chorus. For cool down I would use a mellow tune like Christina perri, jar of hearts. Big Seaver Hollywood nights could be 30 sec intervals increasing resistance each time! Good luck let me know!!

    1. Judy Reply

      Thanks Marianne! I have been an instructor for 5 yrs–this is a demo for a new gig- I currently teach at 2 gyms, this would be a third for me. I have been a ‘regular’ here for years—Cynthia helped me with the first playlist I ever ‘went live with’ when I demo’d to be a sub;-)

  24. Judy Reply

    Hi All,
    I have a demo tomorrow and would like some input regarding the playlsit below. I wanted to include a variety of genres to appeal to a broad spectrum of riders plus showcase my ability to coach to different musical genres.
    Suggestions for each tune ( climb, jumps, sprints…) would be greatly appreciated!

    Kesha- C’mon


    Antti Tuisku- Sekaisin

    Scissor Sisters- Only the Horses

    Big and Rich- Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy
    Don Omar- Danza Kuduro

    Bob Seger- Hollywood Nights

    Kelly Clarkson- Catch My Breath

    1. Judy Reply

      Oops-I forgot to note- Kesha will be the warm up tune and Kelly Clarkson will be cooldown/transition—class will just be 30 mins of spin then we will transition into another studio for 30 mins of Pilates so I can demo my skills as a Pilates instructor too.

    2. Cynthia Reply

      Judy, sorry I didn’t weigh in on your audition – I was in Mexico on vacation. How’d it go???

      1. Judy Reply

        And a well deserved vacation! When next you seek sun and warmth consider a trip to Florida and visit me!
        Thanks for asking! It went well-got the job:-)

  25. music2energize Reply

    I just heard a great new song that is perfect for adding to any spinning playlilst. Check out Fall Out Boy – My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark


    1. music2energize Reply


      I wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed your site. I started as a student in a spinning class last October and volunteered to put together playlists for some of the instructors. You and your reader’s song and playlist suggestions have helped me put together some great playlists of my own.

      I have found a gold mine of great mashups which are all free to download at



      1. Cynthia Reply

        Mike, this is an awesome find! Thank you for sharing. As soon as I saw DJ Lobsterdust on there, I knew it was going to be good, and it is. Super-clever, and I can’t believe the mashups go back to 2005.

      2. Lu Reply

        Holy moley this has just changed everything – thanks so much for the link:)

    2. Cynthia Reply

      I’ve been mulling over what to do with this one. Seated climb?

      1. Judy Reply

        Seated climb with out of the saddle power surges- Lots of resistance:-)

    3. Dana Reply

      I LOVE that one. I’ve used it a few times. We climb…and then sprint to the top on the choruses. Tell your riders to “Get it up get up” when you hear “light it up…”.

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