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And We Have a Winner….

I am delighted to announce that the winner of Spinning Music’s 1,000,000 Views contest is…. Elizabeth A. 

Elizabeth has won a $25 iTunes gift card and a Ride Hard Bondi headband in her choice of black, orange, or lime green.

Congratulations, Elizabeth!

Thank you so much to everyone who entered the contest or who sent along well wishes for the blog – we now have a wicked list of your all-time favourite spinning songs.  I am going to distill those into a separate post so that they are easy to find in one place (plus, it will be searchable).



2 Comments On “And We Have a Winner….

  1. dion62 Reply


    Hey there…. has anyone used Supertramp’s School? Thoughts on how to use it or something else from Supertramp? Locigal Song? Breakfast in America? Wanna to a way back play back grouping…. looking for suggestions. :)


    Love the site….

    1. Cynthia Reply

      Hey Dion, I haven’t used any Supertramp myself. To me, School sounds like a seated climb. Take the Long Way Home would be a great cool down song. There’s a workout remix of Dreamer on iTunes by CK and Supreme Dream Team which is either fun or an abomination, depending on how much of a Supertramp fan you are. We’re short on classic rock playlists here at Spinning Music – once you’ve put yours together, will you come back and post it on the reader playlist page?

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