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All She Wants To Do Is Dance Spin Mix (33 minutes)

I’ve been thinking about 80’s music. I went to high school in the 1980s, so I probably know the music of the 1980s better than that of any other decade. Once I started digging through iTunes and my CDs, I realized I could probably make about five mixes without repeating a song. This mix includes some iconic 80’s tunes by Duran Duran, Wang Chung, Tone-Loc, and Billy Idol. It also includes some lesser known hits by mega-artists Queen and Don Henley, of the Eagles. We’re going to start the ride with Frankie Goes to Hollywood.

Relax – Frankie Goes to Hollywood (3:57): Let’s warm up those legs. Start with the tension around 2/3. At 2:00, increase it to 3/10.

Hungry Like the Wolf – Duran Duran (3:42): Okay, take the tension to 4/10, get up off the saddle, and find the beat. Increase the tension every 60 seconds until you’re at the max you can handle and still keep the beat.

It’s Raining Men – The Allstars (3:32): I’m partial to Geri Halliwell’s version from the Bridget Jones soundtrack but it’s nowhere to be found on iTunes. For true 80’s authenticity, use the original, by the Weather Girls. Take the tension back to 4/10 and use the first 30 seconds of this song for recovery, because we’re going to do some seated sprints: 20/60/30 seconds, starting at each chorus. The first sprint is at 0:30 – 0:50, there’s 30 seconds for recovery, then a long sprint from 1:21 – 2:21, 40 seconds for recovery, and sprint it out to the end of the song from 3:03 – 3:32.

Dance Hall Days – Wang Chung (4:00): Let’s do some lifts: 4/8 counts, 2 min of each.

Funky Cold Medina – Tone-Loc (4:09): Nothing fancy, let’s just climb! Pick a tension that will challenge you – then add 1.

Under Pressure – Queen (3:58): Had a great early morning outdoor ride this weekend with some friends. We tackled the hill at Larry Uteck Blvd on the way home. You climb for 5 minutes at a crazy angle, then reach a flat spot, but you’re not done – the road curves and it’s another 5 minutes of total focus to get to the top. That hill? We’re climbing it here. Stay in the saddle and take the tension to 8/10 for the first 30 seconds, then to 9/10. At 3:00, take it to 10/10. Just keep repeating to yourself: “I am bigger than this hill” and you’ll get there.

Mony Mony – Billy Idol (5:01): It’s almost a relief to sprint after that climb. Take your tension back to 2/10 and do some nice easy spinning to recover, then up to 4/10 for each sprint, going back to 2/10 in between. There are 4 standing sprints in this song, one at each chorus: 20/20/20/20 or 50 (rider’s choice) at 0:40 – 1:00, 1:43 – 2:03, 2:55 – 3:17, and 3:58 – 4:18 or 4:48. There’s a nice 40-50 second recovery period between each sprint, so when you go, you should go like stink – race day pace!

All She Wants to do is Dance – Don Henley (4:29): This album was on my turntable more than any other in high school – every track is excellent. We’re going to cool down and stretch. Well done!

One of my riders this week asked me for suggestions to cope with discomfort in her lower back. The first thing I do is double-check the bike set up. Increasing the height of the handlebars can help. I also recommend taking a break during climbs.


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  1. Fuminater Reply

    I just wanted to mention that I go to the public library and borrow CDs of songs that I can’t find on iTunes. They probably have the Bridget Jones soundtrack and you can import the song that you like. It is a great version!

    I’m partial to Geri Halliwell’s version from the Bridget Jones soundtrack but it’s nowhere to be found on iTunes.

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